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The flow of COE (Certificate of Eligibility), Acquisition of visa and entry to Japan

1. Inside Japan
(1) Immigration lawyer for the employer company applies for COE at the Japanese Immigration Bureau
(2) After the COE is issued, he sends it to a foreign visitor outside Japan

2. Outside Japan
(1) The foreign visitor applies for a visa showing the COE to a Japanese Embassy in his country.
(2) The Embassy issues a visa seal on the foreign visitor's passport.

3. Inside Japan
(1) The foreign visitor arrives at Narita Airport and shows the passport with the visa seal and the COE to an immigration officer.
(2) Finally, permission to stay in Japan is given to the foreign visitor.

We can provide consultation on the following issues:

  1. Can a foreign visitor staying in Japan change his temporary visa to a working visa?
  2. Can a visitor hire a domestic helper?
  3. Can a visitor extend a temporary visa?
  4. Is there an easiest way to get a spouse visa?

Please consult us. We have plenty of knowledge and experience.

  Establishment of a Corporation and Branch

  1. Corporations: Kabushiki Kaisha, Godo Kaisha and others.
  2. Branches: Registration of Japanese branch of international company
  3. Representative office

We must take into consideration that these entities have a close relationship with the possibility of visa acquisition. There are many things to take care of when we proceed with the establishment of such entities. Please consult us. We have plenty of knowledge and experience.




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