Visa service for companies

  1. Our service is for international companies or Japanese companies which have foreign nationals on staff. Companies can get our full support for obtaining, renewing, or changing visa status for foreign employees. Consequently, they are released from many troublesome chores by using our office as a proxy to go to the crowded Tokyo Immigration Bureau and do not waste precious time taking care of these things. We are connected to a visa lawyers' network in Tokyo and we take all possible measures to ensure our clients' visa management goes smoothly.
  2. Our service includes establishment of Japanese branches or Japanese subsidiary companies.
  3. Our services are rendered in English.


Detailed visa services

  1. Consultation on “Certificate of Eligibility,” visa status change, visa renewal, etc.
  2. Preparation of applications for visa, re-entry permit, permanent residency, and naturalization and part-time job permits
  3. Acceptance and delivery of “Certificate of Eligibility”
  4. Visa expiry date management
  5. Consultation on Japanese immigration laws and procedures
  6. Consultation on the most appropriate visa status for staff and management
  7. Acting as a proxy to file for visas and other permits.
  8. Visa service for families of staff and management
  9. Services for overseas clients including visa acquisition, Japanese branch establishment, etc.


Out clients

Our clients are international companies, like IT companies, trading companies and financial firms, and individuals. We have much experience helping various kinds of companies and individuals.



Visa services for individual residents

This service includes all kinds of consultation regarding visas, management of visa renewal dates, support for visa renewal, changing status, re-entry permits, permanent residency, naturalization and part-time permits.



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